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Kansaslife.Net is themed around weather watching. We have eight outdoor day / night surveillance cameras plus an CCTV system with eight day / night cameras (that covers part indoors and part outdoors). We broadcast from a few of these cameras much of the time especially when there are weather events. Please enjoy our Live Weather Watch page which has three live 24 hour - outdoor IP cameras, broadcast from our in-house servers.

Note: If any of our cameras are down, please take a minute to report it as it may be days or weeks before we discover a problem.

Major Update!
Thank you everyone that has visited our website over the years! You may have noticed that our website has been pretty screwed up the last few months. This is due to several of our cameras going down due to various reasons plus we have recently moved making all the page and camera names wrong and our server is generating the wrong thumbnails. We`re working on putting it back together and in the process we`ve removed our Ghost Watch page and the last remaining camera that was used for the indoors part of our website (sorry!)
Our new camera placements will greatly improve our weather watch website. We hope you continue to
enjoy visiting us and we wish you all well!